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Mark Peters B.Ec

Mark Peters, after graduating as a Bachelor of Economics has owned and operated several businesses over the past 40 years. Mark was Managing Director and Shareholder of College Mercantile Agency for 12 years with responsibility for 22 Offices and 500 employees, and later a Director of Doen Pacific for 25 years whose products were sold into 30 countries, with manufacturing plants in Australia, China, and the US.

In-between these two businesses Mark was involved in building Hotels and Resorts.

Having recently sold out of the previous business and spurred on by the Coronavirus, Mark decided to further establish the Co-Living residential home model in Australia. He sees Custom Designed Homes creating the opportunities for Seniors & Singles to co-own and share luxury homes offering greater financial security, and for Seniors in particular a real alternative to Retirement Village life.

Mark, married for 30 years has 4 children and 7 grand children, leads a most fulfilling life, and looks forward to the future.

Tim and Mark only seem to disagree about football. He is a long suffering Carlton supporter.

Lysa Hough

Lysa joins Tim and Mark bringing 20 years of new home building experience in sales consultancy, display home management, and leadership of sales teams.

Formerly Northern Victorian Regional Sales Manager of Australia's No. 1 builder, Lysa is well aware of the need to expand the traditional boundaries of family living, designing different life spaces for the modern world.

Teaming up with Tim and Mark, all three share a passion for alternative Co-Living lifestyle options, bringing together like minds to achieve a common goal of building designer homes built for sharing.

Living regionally, Lysa and her husband Daniel of 21 years enjoy a family lifestyle having fun raising their two boys aged 10 and 15.

Lysa's only query is Tim and Mark's choice of football teams.

Tim McDermott

Tim McDermott has been involved in property for over 30 years. No stranger to owning & running small to medium enterprises, Tim has been involved in property and business transactions from $500,000 to $50 million.

Tim and his wife Danielle are currently involved in their own company managing residential & commercial properties throughout Victoria as well as building homes for people with disability. They have been married for nearly 40 years (yes 40) and have 2 adult children.

Tim is also a volunteer in the disability sector as well as being on the board of a not for profit community group. Tim tries to find time to play golf and is normally a balanced well rounded person except when discussing the Geelong Football Club.

Darrell Bowden

With over 20 years building experience and a strong reputation for being a builder you can trust, Darrell has joined the Co-living team.
Winning HIA housing awards for his improved livability homes means Darrell will build your home with master craftmanship and knowledge of what truly matters in your home.

Married to Wife Mel of 20 years, and raising two spritely young boys along the murray river, Darrell enjoys being an integral part of his community and rallying around his local football club both on and off season.

He too questions Tim and Marks choice of football teams.

Luxury Homes Designed & Built for Co-Living
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